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tjn worked closely with yap global to produce a unique web experience

tjn worked closely with yap global to produce a unique web experience

the story

YAP Global are a pr agency that specialise in working with companies in web3, crypto, blockchain and DeFI technology.

They aim to be the bridge between quality journalism and emerging web3 technologies which bring value to the world.

the work

  • web design.
  • web development.
  • wordpress.

the challenge

The initial challenge we faced when working with YAP was that they wanted to create a completely unique and off brand look and feel for their website, there wanted a design that fell inline with the type of companies they work with in web3 whilst still giving the comfortability to prospective clients and housing their information

The main challenge we faced with YAP Global was to give them a remarkable facelift and something that was both unique and stunning but very modern. They are a company known for raising awareness and attention to their clients brands and they wanted to have the some buzz and feel about their website.

We spent time with their team and created a multitude of designs before we were able to land on the final iteration of their website.

our solution

Working with their team we took their website from a one page website to a multi page and fluid website that not only houses their growing team but showcases perfectly how they have been winning client after client since their inception.

We worked with their strong brand visuals but where given the license to create something so unique in both look and functionality to house all their growing content perfectly without overloading the user.

We integrated the use of WebGL, Google Sheets, HMTL5 and powered parts of their website with API's that allow them to keep constant updates of their website from various tools and websites they use.

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